The New England Model Engineering Society is a group for those who enjoy metal working and machining meeting monthly in the Waltham MA area 

February 2021 NEMES Model Engineering Show is Cancelled Due to Pandemic
See you next year

NEMES Zoom Monthly Meeting Invitations Have Changed
Due to security concerns, invitations to the monthly on-line NEMES will no longer be posted on the NEMES website. Instead, each NEMES member in good standing will receive a monthly email containing instructions for joining the Zoom meeting. If you are NOT a NEMES member and would like to attend the meetings, please email the Club President.

CRMII is Engaged in a Fundraising Capital Campaign and Needs Sponsors Prospective Sponsors should see this Introductory document.

The New England Wireless and Steam Museum 2020 Yankee Steamup was held online this year! If you missed it, the entire thing can still be viewed here
Due to the ongoing global pandemic, the New England Wireless & Steam Museum did not have visitors present during the steamup and instead livestream th event over YouTube.

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DSC04244.jpg (254642 bytes)  NEMES 21st Annual Show  February 18, 2017 

  Rebuilding a South Bend lathe,  by Dave Piper

DSC04077.jpg (244821 bytes)  Cabin Fever Expo   18 January 2017

  7th Annual NEMES HOLIDAY Dinner/Get Together  10 December

DSC06222.jpg (337752 bytes)  2014 Update of "Lost Photos"

DSC03934.JPG (242279 bytes)  Rollie's Open House 2 October 2016

  Mystic Seaport 17 March 2016

  Worcester Model RR Show  28 February 2016

DSC03682.JPG (226164 bytes)  2016 NEMES Show  20 February 2016

DSC03631.JPG (247810 bytes)  The Pratt Institute     19 February 2016

DSC03594.JPG (271718 bytes)  Schwamb Mill  13 February 2016

  Amherst Model Train Show  31 January 2016

DSC03349.JPG (212751 bytes) Cabin Fever Expo 2016  16 & 17 January 2016

  NEMWS Re-erection of the boiler  14 January 2016

  Waushakum Live Steamers  1 January 2016


  Re-tubing the NEMWS boiler   22 December 2015

DSC03218.jpg (229027 bytes)  Straw Hollow Crank Up   13 December 2015

  Annual NEMES dinner/get together

DSC03102.JPG (221124 bytes)  Hub Model Train Show  6 December 2015

DSC03043.JPG (93231 bytes)  1st Annual MJT Memorial Cape Cod Truck Show  1 November 2015 

DSC02966.JPG (232898 bytes)  New England Museum of Wireless and Steam   17 October 2015

DSC02844.JPG (255700 bytes)   Pioneer Valley ATHS Show   11 October 2015

DSC02677.JPG (342609 bytes)   Swamp Yankee Days  10 October 2015

DSC02518.JPG (144774 bytes)  Mystic Seaport Antique Auto Show  27 September 2015   

DSC02379.JPG (315972 bytes)  CAMA Fall Festival  26 September 2015     (Video has been added to this page)

DSC00713.JPG (154319 bytes)  Model A Ford Meet in Mystic CT  20 September 2015 

DSC02309.JPG (348240 bytes)  Norwich Auto Show  20 September 2015

DSC02170.JPG (297261 bytes)  35th Annual Show Tobacco Valley Flywheelers Gas and Steam Engine Club  20 September 2015

DSC02065.JPG (322521 bytes)  Greenfield (NH) Carriage and Drawbar Show  19 September 2015

DSC01988.JPG (276226 bytes)  Yankee Yesteryear Car Club  13 September 2015

DSC01769.JPG (152874 bytes) Dublin Gas Engine Show  12 September 2015

DSC01744.JPG (310866 bytes)  Larz Anderson Auto Museum  3 September 2015

DSC01692.JPG (301327 bytes) Mystic Seaport Antique Marine Engine Show     16 August 2015

DSC01535.JPG (240187 bytes)  Durham (CT) tractor Cruise In   15 August 2015

DSC01345.JPG (312528 bytes)  Straw Hollow Engine Works  8 August 2015

DSC01253.JPG (257268 bytes)  Northeast Rockbusters   31 July 2015

DSC01111.JPG (335723 bytes)  MVMVC Weare Military Vehicle Rally  25 July 2015

DSC01062.JPG (333580 bytes)  Connecticut Trolley Museum  23July 2015

DSC00958.JPG (319846 bytes)  Doug Penn's in Bernardston MA  21 July 2015

DSC00868.JPG (241807 bytes)  QVEA July Show  19 July 2015

DSC00831.JPG (277556 bytes)  CAMA Engine Show  18 July 2015

DSC00775.JPG (173601 bytes)  Pepperell Engine Show  12 July 2015

DSC00637.JPG (233675 bytes)  Long Island Antique Power Association  11 July 2015

DSC00343.JPG (287499 bytes)  Yankee Chapter ATHS Show   28 June 2015

DSC00291.JPG (352433 bytes)  39th Annual Central Massachusetts Steam, Gas and Machinery Assn. Yankee Engine-uity Show  27 June 2015


DSC00052.JPG (291787 bytes)   PVLS Fathers Day Meet   20 June 2015

DSC09978.JPG (283297 bytes)  Nutmeg Chapter ATCA Show  14 June 2015

DSC09837.JPG (152691 bytes)  Massachusetts Antique Fire Apparatus Association    13 June 2015  (Video has been added to page)

DSC09769.JPG (199887 bytes) Ocean State Vintage Haulers  7 June 2015

DSC09435.JPG (260343 bytes)  Whatley Engine Museum  6 June 2015    (Video has been added to this page 8 June 2015)

DSC09413.JPG (244226 bytes)  Bernardston MA Engine Show  23 May 2015

DSC09149.JPG (162831 bytes)  Scantic Valley Antique Engine Club  17 May 2015

DSC09041.JPG (265460 bytes)  Western Mass. Chapter A.T.C.A. Antique Truck Show  3May 2015

DSC09002.JPG (314012 bytes)  New Hampshire Power of the Past Collectors Dunstable Show    3 May 2015

DSC08901.JPG (396548 bytes)  QVEA Spring Show Featuring Allison-Chalmers Tractors  2 May 2015

DSC08848.JPG (282197 bytes)  41st Belltown Engine Show  26 April 2015

Early V-8 Show in Fitchburg If you have come here to see the photos I took at this show my head is hung in shame.  Not until the following day did I realize that I had walked about the show taking photo after photo with NO MEMORY CARD in the camera.  For shame, for shame.  I sincerely apologize and hope you will forgive me and spend some time on our site anyway.  Now I have a reason to return to the show next year.

DSC07186.JPG (175387 bytes)  Cabin Fever Expo 2015   11 & 12 April 2015

DSC07103.JPG (203937 bytes)  Henry Hudson Half Moon Replica  New London CT   23 March 2015

DSC07008.JPG (170555 bytes)  19th Annual NEMES Show  8 February 2015

  Steamship Historical Society of America  22 January 2015

  AOMCI  Dry and COLD Meet  17 January 2015

DSC06793.JPG (295883 bytes)  New Years Day @ Waushakum Live Steamers  1 January 2015

Places of Interest  

A collection of companies and other "places of interest" that are worth the trip from just about anywhere. 

Click HERE to get a PDF listed by state.  Or HERE to get an Excel spreadsheet listed by state or province

Or HERE to get the alphabetical listing      Or HERE to get an Excel spreadsheet listed alphabetically 


Need to machine a sprocket?   Click HERE to download an Excel spreadsheet that will do the calculations for you.  Just enter the number of teeth, pitch of the chain and diameter of the chain roller.


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Directions to Our Meeting Locations

Charles River Museum of Industry and Innovation

From I-95 exit 28 onto Rt. 20 east until you get to Moody Street. Turn right and proceed across the Charles River bridge. A block after crossing the Charles turn left at the light onto Pine Street. Go a couple of blocks and turn left onto Cooper Street. Go on Cooper Street (very carefully as the street is in bad condition) into the parking lot. Use the footbridge across the river, turn right at the end of the footbridge to the CRMII entry door.

Waltham Library

The address of the Waltham Library is 735 Main St, about 2 blocks west of Moody St. Turning onto Spring St. (to the right of the building) leads to the parking in back. If the lot is full, there is a garage reached by continuing down Spring and making a right on Middle St.