Screwcutting lathe with Myford QuickChange Gearbox and leadscrew micrometer handwheel. 220V 1-phase. 7” diameter swing over ways, power feed (longitudinal), back-geared with spindle speed range of 35 – 2500 rpm. OAL 3 ft 9 inches. $2750 US


For additional detail on this machine, see the following YouTube video:
Myford Super-7 Lathe - For Sale - YouTube

Included items:

3-jaw Burnerd chuck with inside & outside jaws, and key
7” dia faceplate
4˝” dia Driving (dog) plate with peg
MT2 dead center
Myford triangular toolpost clamp, with toolholders
Second toolpost: Myford 4-way toolpost for 5/16” sq. tool shanks
Tangential toolholder
Rear toolpost, for parting off and other operations
Myford vertical milling slide + mating Palmgren milling vise
Jacobs #34 tailstock chuck, 1/2” capacity, on MT2 shank, with key
Myford travelling steady
1 gal spindle oil (Mobil Velocite Oil #6, ISO 10)
1 gal lubricating oil (Mobil DTE Premium Circulating Oil, ISO 100)
1 oil can with way oil (Mobil Vactra #2 Way Oil, Medium)
Myford pump oiler
Spare drive belts
Can of original Myford machine paint, marked “Myford Grey R75703”
Myford operator’s manual, original, blue cover
Nexus Books, “Myford Series 7 Manual” by Ian Bradley, 232 pp.
Myford dust cover
Wooden blanking cover for cross-slide hole in boring table
Tools: pin wrench for headstock, 9/16” combination wrench, 3/8” square-hole
wrench, 1/4-3/16” Whitworth wrench.


Martin Feldman
Owl’s Head, Maine
telephone: 207-596-7266