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** In the works is a Bridgeport repair and troubleshooting page, with how to's and other handy nice to have information. **

My BP 1J Mill (on dealers floor)138kb

Milling Head Front View 1J 67kb

Milling Head Side View 1J 58kb

Power Feed (Original BP Type) 58kb

Powerfeed information 39kb Drawing #6 46kb

Longitudinal and Cross Feed Screw Information 56kb

1J Parts List (H1 thru H271) 62kb

1J Parts List (J1 thru M72) 98kb

Controls and Functions on "J" Type Head 75kb

R8 Collet Dimensions

Dimensions of 1J Miller 37kb

Floor Plan Dimensions 1J 21kb

Lubrication Points 1J 27kb

Adjustment of Gibs 1J 20kb

Timming Belt Removal / Installation

Belt removal Part 2

Motor Removeal / Installation

Table of General Speeds and Feeds 37kb

Cherrying Attachment Illustrated Parts Breakdown 59k

Cherrying Attachment Parts List 49k

Shaping Attachment Illustrated Parts Breakdown 69k

Shaping Attachment Parts List 48k

Model "R" Milling Attachment Illustrated Parts Breakdown 65k

Model "C" Attachment Illustrated Parts Breakdown 52k

2J General Info / Belt Change (Part 1)

2J Belt Change / Motor Removal (Part 2)

2J Illustrated Parts Breakdown (Part 1) 74k

2J Illustrated Parts Breakdown (Part 2) 69k

2J Parts List (J1 thru H100) 85k

2J Parts List (2J500 thru 2J681) 82k

M Head Illustrated Parts Breakdown

Optical System Scale Alignment

Optical System Illustrated Parts Breakdown

Optical System Parts Listing

Ever Wonder What Indiviual Components Weigh?

I have the instructions on changing the belt on a Variable 2J. If you need them just ask.


Extend the quill a little over 3" and lock it.
Place a 0-1" dial indicator so that it rests against the top of the quill.
Adjust the table to read a preload of 100 thousandths.
Crank the table down exactly 3" using the dial on the crank.
Multiply the reading times 3. (the indicator is now ~9" below the pivot point
of the head and you read 1/3 of that)
Adjust the head in the opposite direction the indicator moved by your figured
Check your work by doing it again, it should be dead on.
This works for both directions.