Cabin Fever 2010

York PA

I didn't take as many photos as I have in the past since there are many repeat displays and I try not to duplicate what I have photographed before.  At the bottom of this page I will put links to previous year Cabin Fever shows if you would like to see the pages from years past.

I thought that it was a fine show, the weather was mild compared to some winters and I hope that all had as fine a time as I did.  The word around the show on Saturday afternoon was that attendance was about 4500 and they had run out of 2010 buttons and had to hand out buttons left over from previous years.  As usual the little video that I shot will be added to the page as time allows.

<<< Video on YouTube here

Click HERE please to view the photos sent in by Al Goldberg

Click HERE please to view photos contributed by Norm Jones  Added 6 March 2010

DSC07631.JPG (119977 bytes) NEMES youngest member Dave uncasing his display  DSC07653.JPG (130944 bytes) Dave and his Dad.  DSC07654.JPG (89423 bytes)  Dave's Mom  When you are a parent you don't have names of your own.  You are known as David's Mom or Davis's Dad.

DSC07632.JPG (156898 bytes) Russ Steeves super nice Fitchburg Northern locomotive.  It not only looks nice it is a fine runner also.

DSC07633.JPG (170022 bytes)  DSC07645.JPG (153421 bytes)

DSC07634.JPG (136078 bytes) Our hobby lost a fine member recently when Ray HasBrouck passed away.

DSC07635.JPG (109408 bytes) Randolph is the author of two (that I know of) fine books about our hobby.  Highly recommended.

DSC07636.JPG (155027 bytes)  Ron Ginger recently completed this CNC bridge mill.  It was running with a pen in plotter mode.  Ron will be handling Ray Hasbrouck's engine plans when things settle our from his passing.

DSC07639.JPG (103164 bytes)  Trainman4602 as he is known on the Chaski board.  AKA Dave in the real world. If you are interested in live steam and don't frequent the Chaski Live Steam section you should consider adding it to your list.  Dave has a number of very interesting and informative videos on the "How to" of live steam building.

DSC07640.JPG (121521 bytes) DSC07671.JPG (106091 bytes) Frank Stouffer.  Last year Frank accidentally left an engine behind but it was found by show personal and after several weeks it was returned safely to Frank.  

DSC07643.JPG (136139 bytes) John Schneider  DSC07644.JPG (151625 bytes)  Jimmy Sterner of the New Jersey Logan Lathe Group on Yahoo shared table space with us.  I also belong to that group although I don't own a Logan lathe nor do I live in NJ.  

DSC07646.JPG (145517 bytes)  Patty Dorian holding down the fort.

DSC07647.JPG (139012 bytes) Todd Cahill and his BEAUTIFUL engines.  Todd makes some of the prettiest engines you will ever see.

DSC07648.JPG (125644 bytes)  Greg Young (L) and Todd Cahill

DSC07650.JPG (137631 bytes)  John Rex (seated) and his wife (R).  Sorry but I don't know the fellow who lost his head in the photo.

DSC07651.JPG (168804 bytes)  Norm Jones   DSC07655.JPG (115029 bytes) Dick Boucher  

DSC07656.JPG (127050 bytes)  DSC07657.JPG (145396 bytes)  DSC07659.JPG (101930 bytes)  DSC07661.JPG (136526 bytes)  Steve Desreuisseau

DSC07662.JPG (122445 bytes)  Whoops.  This write up belongs to one of these engines but I don't know which.  If you know please let me know and I will correct the page.

DSC07663.JPG (125687 bytes)  The fellow in the center of the frame in the blue shirt is Bob Vincent, New England Tool Vendor Extraordinaire.

DSC07664.JPG (148382 bytes) Dick Boucher (NEMES president) and Todd Cahill (R)

DSC07665.JPG (130383 bytes)  The folks from Tuckahoe Museum in MD has this unusual shaper on display. 

DSC07667.JPG (159131 bytes)  DSC07670.JPG (187828 bytes)  A wide variety of vendors were there to serve show visitors

DSC07668.JPG (170338 bytes) DSC07669.JPG (124203 bytes) Quite a number of locos were running on the high line.

DSC07672.JPG (190907 bytes)  

DSC07673.JPG (181737 bytes)  John Ridinger, New Oxford, PA presented some lovely circus miniatures.

DSC07674.JPG (130359 bytes)  DSC07675.JPG (124650 bytes)  DSC07676.JPG (147498 bytes)  DSC07677.JPG (102886 bytes)  DSC07678.JPG (153473 bytes)  DSC07679.JPG (133972 bytes)  DSC07680.JPG (141471 bytes) 

DSC07681.JPG (101251 bytes)  Mike Rehmus (R) of Model Engine Builder magazine chats with NEMES member Gene Martha

DSC07683.JPG (138399 bytes)  DSC07684.JPG (145130 bytes)  DSC07685.JPG (160308 bytes)  DSC07686.JPG (156724 bytes) 

DSC07687.JPG (175753 bytes)  DSC07688.JPG (140628 bytes)  DSC07691.JPG (143619 bytes)  Ollie Egleston's fine steam boat

DSC07692.JPG (143921 bytes)  DSC07694.JPG (260214 bytes)  DSC07696.JPG (150626 bytes) 

DSC07698.JPG (163598 bytes)  Roy and Eddie aboard Trainman4602 locomotive.

DSC07699.JPG (164884 bytes)

DSC07700.JPG (124878 bytes)  The traditional photo with Dave Osier and Roy Bear, Todd Cahill tolerating the foolishness and Rollie Gaucher holding Eddie Moose.

DSC07701.JPG (116641 bytes)  Gene Martha and Vern Eshbaugh with the boys.

DSC07702.JPG (138399 bytes) Vic Kozakevich and Max ben-Aaron.  It helps to have a good sense of humor to travel with this crowd.

DSC07703.JPG (108510 bytes)  Ernie Smith  DSC07704.JPG (119002 bytes)  Mrs. John Rex  DSC07705.JPG (125153 bytes)  David's Mom 

DSC07706.JPG (125735 bytes)  Terri Groff (the boys Mom) and Norm Jones

DSC07707.JPG (123761 bytes)  Dick Boucher

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